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S. F. Frascos de Gel: Historía De Extinción, 2003 – Darya von Berner. Photography
The analogue photographs, of two shampoo bottles in the shape of two Barbie dolls, wandering solemnly indifferent in distinct environments, like an airport, a mud field, or a greenhouse grove, belong to the Flusser series, which is dedicated to the philosopher Vilém Flusser (1920-1991). Behind these seemingly banal scenarios, hides a thematic tension, which is enhanced by their large format.

The fiction of the world we live in becomes apparent in this consumer product, which doesn’t merely show a picture on its label, but the whole bottle has the shape of the blond doll. The magical image of the container triumphs over the actual product, the shampoo is hidden behind the artificiality of the packaging.
Fictitious images are models of behaviour, regardless whether they are showing something real or not. The distinction between fake, real or artificial, does not exist in this case. They are solidified abstractions, by means of calculation. This is the reality/fiction we live in. The system works through inertia and is based on computer calculations, which often show absurd chance results, finally they take our foundations away and we find ourselves in the abyss.

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