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With Amparo López Corral @arteconsultora telling Rosa Pérez, presenter from Fluido Rosa by @radio3rne , about our art and nature project SER_PAISAJE. Rosa knows how to listen, inspiring multiple associations of ideas that enable to make all kinds of relations.

Fluido rosa, is a Radio3 program of contemporary music and plastic creation, where they find the creators of both national and international visual culture, exhibition spaces, museums, rooms, galleries, collectives, etc.


Lois Weinberger use wild plants’s to break through the city’s surface, breaking our idea of nature. #art #artist #culture #nature @loisweinberger #documenta14 #kassel #serpaisaje


Hreinn Friõfinnsson Fourth house of the house project since 1974. #sculptureprojectsmünster #nature #culture #artist #art #serpaisaje #munster


Observatorium A big pieces of time, meeting with Paloma Gómez Marín, Amparo López Corral, Giulietta Speranza y Lala Cifuentes. #observatorium #serpaisaje #serraniaceltiberica


Estupenda reunión de Observatorio con Rafael Giménez Chicharro, Alcalde de Aras de los Olmos, el profesor Francisco Burillo, Isabel González del Vado, Amparo López Corral, Pilar Burillo y Lala Cifuentes.