Intelligent Elephant – 2013 Limerick

Prequel Programme
Ormston House, Limerick, 2013
Multi-media installation

Preview: Saturday 4th, 6pm
Exhibition dates: 4-18 May 2013

‘Intelligent Elephant’ show graphically the infrasonic acoustic of elephant communication, with elephant calls of frequencies below the lower limit of human hearing (20 Hz). This special communication, serves elephant herds to coordinate themselves and can travel over distances of up to 10 kilometres. It was discovered by the bioacoustics researcher Katy Payne in 1984. Hereby very complex information is communicated acoustically, including emotive state, physical characteristics, intention, and perhaps reference to abstract concepts.

sound recording and visuals with kind permission by:

Elephant Listening Project *
The Cornell Lab of Ornithology
with special thanks to Peter Wrege

* Elephant Listening Project, uses acoustic methods to study and aid in the conservation of forest elephants in Central Africa.
Curators: Joan Stack & Paul Quast



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