Mat(t)er, photobook 2016

In the video related to this photobook, the meaning of images and words through new communication platforms online is explored.

Mat(t)er* Photobook, explores how nature information is transmitted, wich ones are their struggels and updates? It’s language, are the signs of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus, water and other chemicals, as well as hormones – all of that is information as well.The physical world seems to operate independently of our possibilities of interpretation and understanding.

The oceanic relationship between a mother and her child is extended beyond by symbiotic interconnections of complex systems, which together create a single body of infinite physical pathways. A world of mutual connection between individuals, not only of the same species or nature, that functions as a digital network but of huge sophistication.

*A play on mother/matter.


Mat(t)er photobook content is photography, of two photographer/artist, produced in physical form and available for purchase, whether via trade distribution.

Published by an established publisher in a limited-edition book of 500 for distribution trade.

23 high x 168 cm
36 pages
68 photographs
Book published in May 2016.

Darya von Berner & Augusto Morillo
Publisher LaOficina de arte y ediciones


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