14-17 June 2018

With the support of Iberdrola and the collaboration of Ayuntamiento de Salamanca

Organized by Estudio de Comunicación

Curated by Lorena Martínez de Corral

official selection: Darya von Berner, Charles Sandison, Eugenio Ampudia and Juan Lopez.
Patio de Escuelas of the University,  outside of the Catedral Nueva,
the convent of San Esteban and the Palacio de Monterrey, respectively.


Darya von Berner 

Patio de Escuelas, Salamanca



Animation: Valeria Scaloni

Audio: Sarah Perez

Photos: Enrique Carrascal, DvB

Acknowledgments: Jesús Castillo Oli, Fundación Santa María la Real

The Bechdel test measures the active presence of female characters in the cinema and the importance of their roles. Applying this test to the University of Salamanca´s historical façade, it is established that of the 26 human representations (not counting angels and fauns), 21 are masculine and 4 or 5 are feminine (according to different investigators): a visibility of four to one.

The myth of Venus Genetrix, the mother goddess, has the potential to make visible, not so much that ancient world, but above all a world of which is ours in which women are missing.

When the figure of Venus appears in fullness, the public is illuminated in the Patio de Escuelas, converted into a space of self-expression, mutual recognition and transmission where social networks act as a space for citizen participation.

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