En el principio…

Sala Verónicas
Murcia, Spain, 2007
Video installation

The video ‘En el principio…’ (2007) was created with the help of Tom van Vliet, for a site-specific installation at the Sala Verónicas (Murcia).
The central idea of the video is a reversal: earth up in the skies and likewise heaven down on Earth.
The footage, shot in bird’s eye-view, shows the slow transformation from a rural environment to city life. For the installation this material was then projected into the cupola of Sala Verónicas.

From the Renaissance up to the Baroque with its illusionistic painting, there have always been frescos on ceilings, showing representations of the sky angels and puttos. During the Enlightenment the view moved towards the horizon, with panoramic battle scenes, cities and other miracles performed by men. The perspective of today is under the orbital sign: since the moment Gagarin looked down on our planet from his spacecraft, we are fascinated by the viewpoint of self-contemplation about our planet.” Max Neupert

Curator: Lorena Corral
Photo: Tom van Vliet