La nube de la Puerta de Alcalá

Madrid, 2007
Technique: water and air
Video duration: 3:22 min
Photography: 1,50m x 2,00m, lambda-print on dibond, glass and frame of pinewood

La nube de la Puerta Alcalá, was a temporary site–specific intervention in a public space of Madrid. It was created for the Noche en Blanco´07 (Madrid) and consisted of a real cloud, which was installed in front of the historic monument ‘Puerta de Alcalá’. The cloud was created with the help of a new nebulisation technology and consisted of nothing else but pulverised water particles suspended in mid-air. The installation offered almost a million visitors the possibility, to experience a natural phenomenon in the heart of the city.

Curated by: Pablo Berástegui

Sponsored by: Noche en Blanco’07

Technical realization: Reyes Abades


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