La nube de la Puerta de Alcalá

Madrid, 2007
Technique: water and air
Video duration: 3:22 min
Photography: 1,50m x 2,00m, lambda-print on dibond, glass and frame of pinewood

La nube de la Puerta Alcalá, was a temporary site–specific intervention in a public space of Madrid. It was created for the Noche en Blanco´07 (Madrid) and consisted of a real cloud, which was installed in front of the historic monument ‘Puerta de Alcalá’. The cloud was created with the help of a new nebulisation technology and consisted of nothing else but pulverised water particles suspended in mid-air. The installation offered almost a million visitors the possibility, to experience a natural phenomenon in the heart of the city.

Since 2007, Fujiko Nakaya has inspired Darya von Berner to make clouds – and not fog like her teacher – because for Darya clouds represent both determination and indeterminacy. Clouds maintain a certain shape while constantly transforming. Ideas and flags have to adapt and transform, like clouds, to new social and atmospheric circumstances, without ceasing to be what they are, just as our ideas about beauty and justice do.

Curated by: Pablo Berástegui

Sponsored by: Noche en Blanco’07

Technical realization: Reyes Abades


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