Lupo di Assisi

115 x 300 cm
Assisi, 1993


Paolo : We wanted to let you know that your wolf has moved! We have built a new house and with some hard work, we were able to bring the wolf with us, which really is a part of our family!

Darya : I have painted only one permanent fresco of a wolf in my lifetime, and now this one moves as well, all the other wolves i have painted were immedeately removed after being shown.

Paolo : It seems to be just the fate of your work! I never thought of going to perform such a job, to actually detach such a huge wallpainting. In fact the procedure of its removal was extremly laborious and difficult, I had to slowly demolish the entire wall, thinning the plaster from the back, it took me 40 days of work! We have sold the apartment and I did not want to leave his presence, that has accompanied our family for so many years to strangers. The wolf has made a short journey, only three miles, but I am sure he will be happy … he is in good company and still around his friends.

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