Political maternity

This photographic series is a testimony of motherhood in a specific cultural context, in which it is complicated to reconcile work with domestic servitudes and the chaotic situations which occur when trying to carry it forward.

They are visual stories that show normative policies in the social or emotional space of women with their children and the places they live or transit.

In these images captured in daily life, power relations are silenced, which does not mean that they can not be taken into account in their impact on real life.

Those of us who have intervened in this project and in the first place the mothers who have agreed to be photographed in their privacy, have perceived the transformative power of our customs when the usual action is carried out and we are able to reflect upon what it means to be.

Political maternity makes us think of the mutual support and recognition that allows us to live together, by inserting the incarnate limits of our own subjectivity, into those shared with others in the cultural-institutional context of human behavior.


2014 - 2019
©Darya von Berner