Universal Cloud Flag


Artist Darya von Berner made this animation of The Universal Cloud Flag in 2009.

The Universal Cloud Flag became a reality and was presented at the Peace Palace in The Hague on January 18, 2012.


Peace Palace
The Hague, 2012

Video: DVD 1920 x 1080 HD
Duration: 2min- loop

The Universal Cloud Flag represents the right of all living organisms in this world to live peacefully in a clean environment. It is a smog-free flag, the air is cleaned of fine dust, since the dust particles are trapped inside the water droplets that drag them to the ground.

The real cloud flag is released from the top of a flagpole, with the help of misting technology, which uses high pressure to spray water into microparticles, which can float in the air. The flagpole also emits light to improve the visibility of water particles.

Flags come in different forms and materials, from a fabric flag sewn onto a flagpole to a GIF file. In essence they are man-made objects. Whether sewn, printed or made of fog, their symbolic effect is the result of previous production and their formal and informal use. Raising and waving a flag, but also burning or mourning it, are part of a complex performativity based on history. The flag supports the argument of a political, cultural and natural identity that today it is extended to every living organism.

Climate change is an emergency that is causing refugees of all species in the world.


Darya von Berner, 2012
Peace Palace
The Hague, Netherlands

Curator: Tom van Vliet

Prototype 2010 Spanish Patent Number: U201031307

Special collaboration:
Salvador Pérez Arroyo
Fog-Systems GmbH

Teknica Lighting Consulting

Camera: Ricardo Ortega
Post Production: Valeria Scaloni
Ó producciones: Julia Gómez Candela, Lilli Hartmann

With support of the Spanish Ministry of Culture



Photos: Piet Gispen and Ricardo Ortega