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Cordova mosque, Cordova, Spain, 2009⁣
Technique: water and air⁣

For the occasion of ‘Cordoba, European Cultural Capital 2016’, four different artists were invited to create a public intervention each. Every artist represented a different element: air (Darya von Berner), fire (José María Soler), water (Jeppe Hein) and earth (Miquel Barceló and the dancer Josef Nadj).⁣

Von Berners La nube de Córdoba, was a temporary installation of a cloud in front of the UNESCO World Heritage Site ‘Mezquita-Catedral de Córdoba’. The cloud was created with the help of a new nebulisation technology and consisted of nothing else but pulverised water particles suspended in mid-air.⁣

Curated by Carlota Álvarez Basso⁣

Technical realization: Fog Systems⁣

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