In Love with Unreality

Galería Moriarty
Madrid, 2009

An art installation at the Moriarty gallery in Madrid with the collaboration of the poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti known for his poems inspired by the New York subway, and the underground company of Metro de Madrid, that installed generously an access control turnstile at the entrance of the gallery.

Whilst physically passing the barrier with a Metro ticket with a line of the poem In Love With Unreality by Ferlinghetti, he recited it (

In the work Mil y un viajes made to commemorate one hundred years of Metro de Madrid, where used some of the subway tickets off In Love With Unreality artist’s book.


In Love With Unreality, is a mini artist’s book in the format of the old Madrid Metro ticket that takes its title from a phrase in the poem Coney Island of Mind by Ferlinghetti.

The twelve sentences of which it is composed, can be read when shuffling the twelve tickets.

By means of the printing of the poems on the tickets, a metaphor of the trip and the literature was established.

The magnetic strip of those notes meant at the time a revolutionary technological change in Metro de Madrid introducing the digital era.

6,5 x 3 x 0,4 cm

12 Metro tickets

Edition 195



Collaborators: Joanny Chamorro, Leonor Torres
Photo: Joaquín Cortés
Acknowledgements: Lawrence Ferlinghetti

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