Mil y un viajes

To commemorate 100 years of Madrid Metro, the artist Darya von Berner proposes a work consisting of a single large ticket, like a large tapestry, as result of sewing a thousand and one tickets, some of the tickets with Ferlingethis poem, comes from In Love With Unreality  the artist’s book edition.

A thousand and one trips together on a single large ticket, visible on both sides, about spatial and emotional distances of all those who have traveled along its lines over the years.

This small pink ticket, now replaced by a digital transport card, has marked an era in the recent history of Madrid.

One thousand used Metro de Madrid tickets stitched together to make a single large ticket, visible on both sides.

Collaboration: Lala Cifuentes

Date: 2019

Dimensions: 290 x 131.5 cm., Double sided

Technique: machine-sewn metro tickets


Darya von Berner


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