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Lupus Viator, 1996 – Internet⠀
Darya von Berner⠀

World Wide Video Festival⠀
The Hague, Neatherlands⠀
Collaboration and Production: Teknoland / David Cantolla and Luis Cifuentes⠀
Foto: Erica Dines⠀

The project Lupus Viator (latin: wolf walking) began as a series of monumental painted installations of an ephemeral nature and realised in situ. Later the project continued to evolve over a period of 7 years. It travelled to 7 different countries worldwide. ⠀
Taking into consideration its extensive duration, as well as its territorial movements, from country to country, Lupus Viator can be understood almost like a mythical pilgrimage, which covers the trails and places, where wolves have formerly roamed in abundance, before the species has widely become extinct.⠀