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Lupus Viator, 1999 – Lima, Peru⠀
Darya von Berner⠀

AECID, Centro Cultural de España⠀

Video, 200 mirrors, 100 books Lupus Viator⠀
Video duration: 0:43 min⠀
Photo: Daniel Thissen⠀

Is a collaboration, with a group of local Peruvian artists, Los Aguaitones. For this work the monumental wolf transformed into a multimedia installation, along with the presentation of the artist book Lupus Viator. The closed circuit works aim to observe the communication between all elements of the system, like the public awareness of this process.⠀

Curated by: Teresa Velázquez Cortés⠀

Many thanks to: José Carlos Mariátegui⠀

The project Lupus Viator (latin: wolf walking) began as a series of monumental painted installations of an ephemeral nature and realised in situ. Later the project continued to evolve over a period of 7 years. It travelled to 7 different countries worldwide. ⠀
Taking into consideration its extensive duration, as well as its territorial movements, from country to country, Lupus Viator can be understood almost like a mythical pilgrimage, which covers the trails and places, where wolves have formerly roamed in abundance, before the species has widely become extinct.⠀