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Lupus Viator

The project Lupus Viator (latin: wolf walking) began as a series of monumental painted installations. Later it continued to evolve over a period of 7 years. It travelled to 7 different countries worldwide. Taking into consideration its extensive duration, as well as its territorial movements, from country to country, Lupus Viator can be understood almost like a mythical pilgrimage, which covers the trails and places, where wolves have formerly roamed in abundance, before the species has widely become extinct.
For the Centro Cultural de España, AECID (Lima, Peru), Darya von Berner collaborated with a group of local artists, called the Aguaitones.


Marchas de Elefantes, 1998 – Madrid⠀⁣
Video, Darya von Berner⠀⁣
Mercado de Fuencarral⠀⁣
Madrid, 1998⠀⁣
Duration: 0:44, loop⠀⁣
At the Mercado de Fuencarral (Madrid), Marcha de Elefantes was shown in the format of a multi-media installation. On several monitors, in and outside of the market, the video of an elegant couple walking in front of a homeless, was shown on a loop. Again, the work emphasized the notion of habitat loss and its problematic in the context of a city.⠀⁣
Curated by: Eugenio Ampudia⠀⁣
Production: Laagencia (Vicente Matallana)⠀⁣
The project Marcha de Elefantes, is a metaphor of walking: the walk of all the wild animals and people which have lost their habitat and homes, uprooted and forced to leave their place of origin.⠀⁣
The work began as a series of large-scale murals, but later the wall-based work was complemented by sculptures, videos and also performances.⠀⁣